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Year 9 Pupils Get Real

With the ever increasingly difficult job market pupils at Colonel Frank Seely Academy in Calverton, have been getting real. On Thursday, all Year 9 pupils took part in the ‘Get Real’ Careers day that gave pupils an insight into the qualifications, skills, and attributes needed in today’s job market.  Pupils started the day completing their ‘dream clouds’ and discussing their hopes and aspirations for their future careers. Pupils were then given advice and tasks about how to create their ‘brand you’ which could be sold to employers, colleges and universities on paper. Every pupil then took part in an interview ‘The Apprentice’ style as they applied for an Assistant Headteachers job at the school. Pupils picked up key tips and skills which can be applied to any interview situation and created some budding Assistant headteachers! The day was rounded off with pupils planning how they could build up an essential skills tool kit.  The event was a great success and will be followed up with local business people coming in to interview our pupils to test out the newly acquired skills.

Colonel Frank Seely Academy