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Year 9 Global Day

On the 5th February 2014 all Year 9 pupils participated in Global Day. Another fantastic extra-curricular experience!

Staff organised seventeen different workshops, involving subject areas from across the curriculum. These offered activities designed to give pupils an opportunity to work in different ways and consider new subject areas and issues on a ‘global theme’. Pupils carried their own Global Passport giving details of their personalised timetable, tailored to their particular strengths and took part in a range of activities. These included the introduction of the new sport of hand ball and an opportunity to experiment with different styles of dance. This workshop session was led by Anna Hucknall from the Summers in Time Dance Company and girls and boys alike experimented with the new styles such as American Street Dance. Meanwhile in the Art Department pupils analysed designs from countries and cultures across the world before producing their own exciting pieces. Pupils also explored the ‘Golden Ratio’ in maths; the menus and dishes from different countries; and investigated the issues of managing drought in countries such as Australia in a workshop for run by Dr Simon Roberts from Nottingham University’s Geospatial Institute.

Pupils also applied their knowledge of natural hazards in a very popular workshop involving an exciting volcanic eruption in the library. This was based on the actual eruption on Montserrat and was expertly managed by Helen Taylor and Lee Jones , visiting guests from the British Geological Survey in Keyworth. Mr. Robinson also impressed pupils teaching a lesson about Namibia in German!

The CFS Catering Team contributed enthusiastically to Global Day; adding delectable international dishes to their menu including Chicken Madras, Kesari Bhat and American Style Brownie. Throughout the whole event the Global News Team of roving radio and newspaper reporters interviewed, photographed and recorded the events of the day; producing an excellent global newspaper and podcast! Next stop Fleet Street!

Finally a big thank you to all of the staff involved in, and supporting on Global Day; must go also to the Year 9 pupils who were so engaged, motivated and totally enthused. Well done indeed!

Colonel Frank Seely Academy