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Year 9 – Global Day

On the 4 February 2015 the whole of Year 9 took part in Global Day. Originally launched in 2008 as a collaboration between the Geography and Languages Departments; this annual cross-curricular event has remained a significant entry on the CFS calendar. Indeed planning for the event starts only a few weeks into the autumn term and this year staff organised nearly thirty workshop sessions that took place during the day. These involved a wide range of subject areas from across the curriculum and were designed to challenge pupils, prompt them to ask questions and develop their thinking skills.

Each pupil was given their own personalised Global Passport, recording their route through the day. Workshops gave pupils a range of opportunities, for example to investigate global business, learn the new sport of handball; explore batik techniques; make their own international food; investigate the ‘Golden Ratio’ in Maths and create amazing poetry on a global theme. Just to mention a few!

Meanwhile in the library our visitors from the British Geological Survey in Keyworth (Helen Taylor and Lee Jones, supported by Lauren Selby) once again led a role play session on the impacts of a volcanic eruption based on their experiences of the real events on Montserrat in the Eastern Caribbean. A workshop that created, rather appropriately, much heated debate!

Whilst all of this was going on, an amazing team of pupil reporters worked very hard during the event to interview, photograph and record all the events as they happened. By the end of the day they had written their own Global Newspaper and produced a very professional radio podcast. Meanwhile our experienced catering team once again did us proud with their global menu specially designed for the day.

Finally a very big thank you to all of the staff who were involved in, or supported in other ways on Global Day and to the school Governors Dave Musson and Kath Holloway who visited us on the day.

Until next year! Though in the meantime pupil awards for achievement on the day will be presented in assembly directly after half term.

Mrs Sleep and Ms Kerry

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