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Year 9 and 10 Art trip to Yorkshire

It was a cold and windy day with a bright blue sky when Year 9 and 10 Art pupils visited Yorkshire in January 2015. First stop was the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where staff and pupils visited the chapel where Ai Weiwei’s huge metal tree was situated. Pupils took turns to go in to listen to the Song of Coal. Everyone was silenced by this some even entranced!

Next stop was the walk to James Turell’s sky space, a bunker built in old lime kilns in the hillside. Everyone could sit and look up at the hole in the sky. The next hour was spent drifting amongst the collection of sculptures, the galloping horse of Julian Opie, the seated figure of Henry Moore and the giant half rabbit of Sophie Ryder.

Next stop was a visit to The Hepworth Wakefield, the new how of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture which also includes a gallery that is set up as her studio with all her stone working tools. Pupils participated in two workshops that were led by working artists. One of the workshops was based in the galleries where pupils worked in sketchbooks and the other where pupils created paper figures and then turned their drawings into sculptures.

We all had a really exciting and creative day and came back to school with lots of new ideas to use in the Art room.

Mrs Greaves

Colonel Frank Seely Academy