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Year 8 STEMIT Day – July 2013

Today (Monday 8th July), Year 8 pupils from Colonel Frank Seely are taking part in a STEMIT learning day.  What is STEMIT you ask?  Well, normal lessons are postponed for the day so 175 pupils can work in groups to take part in Science, TEchnology, Maths and IT activites around these themes.

So, what is happening today at Year 8 STEMIT Day?

  • Mr Hautot and Green Watch will be learning about fire safety and even how to make foam extinguishers.
  • Mr Adams and Mr Coghill on how to build and fire a rocket with some paper and a bicycle pump.
  • Mr Lakritz will be teaching how to make an irrigation system with some sticks, elastic bands, string and some drainpipe.
  • Mr Pantazatos will be teaching about creating parachutes just from paper.
  • Miss Wallace is teaching how to build complex structures with just marshmallows and spaghetti.
  • Mr Young (IT) will be teaching pupils how to create their own games from scratch on a program called Scratch.
  • Mr Young (Construction) is teaching about all aspects of the construction industry.
  • Mr Corah is teaching pupils how to make concrete blocks from cereal.

Below you can scroll through the gallery of todays events, or clicking on FS to show a full screen slideshow.

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