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Year 8 and 9 boys

December 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

You may be aware that there is an ongoing issue nationally of girls outperforming boys with regards achievement. Whilst boys are beginning to close the gap in some subjects, typically boys will do less well than girls. This is something that we as a school are addressing and I thought it would be beneficial if I wrote to you, explaining the work we are doing around your son’s progress, aspirations and mind-set. By addressing the issue this way I am hoping to narrow the gap so your son achieves well and maximises his potential.

I have now held whole year group assemblies with Year 8 & 9 boys which have focussed on the importance of school, the importance of achieving and how your mindset can play a critical part in your success at school. The boys were an absolute credit and fully immersed themselves in the session. We discussed where they wanted to be at 25 years old and then at 65 years old and making the most of the opportunities CFSA has to offer. The boys were very clear that they wanted to well at school and had ideas of where they would like to be at 25 years old but interestingly many were unsure of what they needed to get there or how they were to get there. Therefore in the New Year, there will be careers advice given so we can support your son to get to where they want to be. Throughout the sessions, a huge importance was placed on maximising their time at CFSA. We also touched upon the difference between a fixed mind – set and a growth mind-set. A number of different activities were designed to get the boys to have a go and not give up, even when it seems tough. Having a growth mind set is critical to success and this work will be followed up in the New Year.

I have also held small group workshops, where selected boys have shared their view of CFSA and spoke very openly and honestly about how the view school and how we could further improve it for them. The boys were once again a credit and were able to articulate their views really well and give some excellent feedback that has already been acted upon.

I was interested in what a day was like at CFSA for a boy so I decided to follow one student and go into all lessons to see what their diet of learning was like and how learning was approached. This was a really beneficial activity and the findings have been fed back to teaching staff to see how we can further develop lessons to make the boys progress even further.

I would appreciate it if you could ask your son about the recent events and stress the importance of having a growth mind – set and giving everything a go, even if it is initially perceived to be really challenging.

Thank you for your support with this. If you would like to ask any questions, or find out more please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Ridley
Senior Deputy Headteacher

Colonel Frank Seely Academy