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Year 7 Summer School

The Summer School programme for upcoming Year 7 pupils was a huge success over the summer holidays. Ran in conjunction with Nottingham Forest Football Club, the week provided enjoyable and engaging activities with a focus on sport alongside literacy and numeracy. The week also enabled pupils to get to know members of staff and establish points of contact within the school as well as finding their way around!

It was great to see pupils from different schools coming together and establishing friendships before the start of term.

All pupils involved put 100% effort into the various tasks during the week, and always with a smile on their face.

The last day involved a trip and tour around Nottingham Forest Football Club. This was enjoyed by all, especially being able to see the various football memorabilia around the club, as well as the trophy room. The pupils seemed fascinated by the extensive history that the club has and asked lots of questions throughout the day.

Colonel Frank Seely Academy