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Year 7 Knowledge Organiser – Spring 2019

Please click here to view a copy of the Year 7 Knowledge Organiser for the Spring 2019 term

Please attached, out first Knowledge Organiser.  This is something new that we are starting with all Year 7 students and they will be issued with a new one each term at Key Stage Three.

The Knowledge Organiser includes information on key concepts and terminology that are currently being taught to students in their lessons.  It is presented in a colourful and easy to access way and been designed specifically to allow students to learn this information at home, supporting them in being better prepared for lessons.

Last week your child will have attended a revision workshop in school, where Senior Leaders explained and modelled effective memory and retrieval strategies.  Please ask your child about this to support them in learning this information.  Some suggestions about how to do this are as follows: –

  • Ask them questions about each subject in the Knowledge Organiser (verbally or you can write them)
  • Help them to create mind maps and flash cards
  • Use lock, cover, write and check
  • Ask them to draw a comic strip or a timeline or other piece of information
  • Give them spellings
  • Ask them to create fact files, flow charts or diagrams based on this information
  • Ask them to create Revision Clocks or Figure by Focus templates at the back of the Organiser
  • Support them in doing further research about the topics

All year 7 students will continue to be set homework through Show My Homework on a regular basis for all subjects.  However, it is important for them to be learning information from their Knowledge Organiser on a weekly basis in addition to this.

The Knowledge Organiser should be bought to school each day as sometimes teachers will use it in lessons.

Thank you for in advance for your support with this.  We would very much welcome any feedback.  If you have any questions please email or if you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Deputy Headteacher


Colonel Frank Seely Academy