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Year 11 Wellbeing during exam season

3 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 11 students

We know how stressful exams can be for young people and their families, which is why during assembly this morning; we talked to your son/daughter about how to best manage some of the inevitable anxiety and worry that comes with sitting exams. Adopting a healthy structure and routine during the exam period can consolidate years of learning and revision, ensuring optimum performance at the final hurdle.

One of the support packages we have signposted students to is Dragonfly’s ‘Impact-19’ wellbeing programme. This is an exam package inviting students into a supportive and safe online community whereby they can access advice, share revision ideas, join group coaching and access individual mentoring during May (9th to 30th inclusive). Students can access all of this for a one off payment of £15.00 directly to Dragonfly.

For more testimonials and full details of Impact-19 and to book the 3-week programme, please visit:

In the assembly, we also reminded students of general advice and strategies around managing their revision, diet, sleep and also shared some recommended apps (Calm and Headspace) to help with mindfulness and the website which provides free online support for young people.

Finally, there will be pre-exam sessions taking place over the exam period and we are open to putting on activities e.g. mindfulness, yoga in order to meet student demand.

I wish your son or daughter all the very best in their upcoming exams and with their plans post-16.

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team,

Mr D Udoh
Assistant Headteacher

Colonel Frank Seely Academy