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Year 11 study leave

Continuation of Lessons Beyond Study Leave – June 2017

This year study Leave commences on Monday June 12th 2017. Pupils should attend all subject lessons as normal before this date.

After study commences pupils are only expected to attend lessons for the subjects that they still have GCSE or Vocational examinations to sit or if they have Controlled Assessments or coursework to complete. 

The dates when lessons will finish in different subjects is shown in the table below. 

               GCSE Subjects        Lesson Finishing Date
Art Friday 9th June
English Language & Literature Monday 12th June
Biology Friday 9th June
GCSE Business Studies Friday 9th June
French Friday 9th June
P.E. Friday 9th June
Chemistry Wednesday 14th June
Spanish Friday 9th June
Physics Friday 16th June
D&T Product Design Monday 26th June
Science (Core & Additional) Friday 16th June
Mathematics Tuesday 13th June
History Wednesday 14th June
Geography Friday 9th June
Home Economics: Food & Nutrition Friday 16th June
Music Friday 9th June
Computer Science Thursday 15th June
RE Intervention lessons end Friday 9thJune
Cambridge Nationals ICT Friday 9th June
BTEC Sport Friday 9th June
BTEC Creative Studies. Friday 9th June
Business – OCR Cambridge Nationals Friday 9th June


    Vocational/BTEC Subjects Coursework Completion Date
Cambridge Nationals ICT Friday 26th May
BTEC Sport Friday 26th May
BTEC Creative Studies. Friday 26th May
Business – OCR Cambridge Nationals Friday 26th May


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