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Year 11 Revision Timetable

Please click here to view the Year 11 Revision Timetable

Revision Classes  

We are now entering the crucial revision period that can make all the difference in terms of successful outcomes on results day.

We have introduced a new revision programme that I believe can support your son/daughter’s performance in the forthcoming GCSE exams.

Research has demonstrated that pupils who attend additional sessions do, on average, 20% better in examinations than those who do not. The idea of the sessions is to best prepare each pupil for their examination. These have been most successful in the past when pupils have chosen to come and work on areas of the curriculum they feel less confident with. This could take the form of being assisted with past examination paper questions or simply arriving at a session and asking for work on a particular topic.

To ensure we maximise the support available we will guide some pupils towards particular sessions where they are currently in need of further help.

A copy of the revision timetable can be accessed from the above link.

Pupils can attend as many sessions as they are able to.

Pupils who attend revision sessions will be given a GSCE revision loyalty card which is filled in by the teacher leading the session. Pupils who receive 5 or more entries on the loyalty card will not only receive high quality additional support towards their learning, but also entry into a prize draw to win Amazon vouchers which will be drawn in April. Please encourage your son/daughter to draw up a revision schedule and to attend as many sessions as possible.


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