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Year 11 Information for Parents/Carers – key dates

3 October 2019

Dear Year 11 Parents/Carers,

As the new term is now well under way, I wanted to outline some of the key dates for the coming year and the range of support that the academy has organised for your child.

You may well be aware that all Year 11 students have an Assertive Mentor who they meet with on a regular basis to discuss how they are coping with the challenges of this crucial year, particularly classwork, homework and revision.

The next meeting with take place in the week commencing Monday 7 October 2019. Please see below a blank revision timetable that we would like all Year 11 students to begin to fill in and bring to this meeting.  This meeting will focus on devising a plan of revision and preparation for the first set of Mock Examinations (18 to 29 November 2019). It would be helpful if you could ask your child to show you their revision timetable and display it somewhere in your home where you can support them by checking what they are doing.

14 October 2019 is Year 11 Review Week and your child’s form tutor will be in touch to arrange a meeting with yourself and your child to discuss their progress and the year ahead.

In addition, we would like to invite you to attend our Year 11 Grade Booster Parent Support Evening on Wednesday 16 October from 6.30 to 8.00pm in the William Lee Sixth Form Centre. This will be an opportunity for us to talk to you about your child’s progress, particularly in English, Maths and Science and to offer support to you and your child about how to cope with the pressures of managing revision and workload in the run up to the GCSE examinations. We will also be giving out packs of free revision resources on this evening to all who attend.

As well as explaining to you what we will be offering as a school, we will also offer some ideas about what you can do at home. In addition, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and offer suggestions in small groups. A text message with information about how you can register for the evening has been sent out to all parents alternatively please click on the following link

We have already started our Autumn Term support Programme. Please see the enclosed timetable for details of Period 6 and Lunchtime Revision Sessions. You may also be receiving letters about these from Heads of Subject as although most sessions are open to all, some students will also be targeted for compulsory attendance.

If you have any concerns about this, please do get in touch with me to discuss this further. 

Other dates for your diary are as follows:

16 January 2020                                Year 11 Parents’ Evening

2 to 13 March 2020                            Mock Examinations

11 May to 24 June 2020                    GCSE Examinations

10 July 2020                                        Year 11 Prom

Finally, can I please remind you of the importance of attending school every day. We would ask that you fully support us with this by ensuring that you do not take your child out of school for and holidays. Missing any part of Year 11 study can have a dramatic impact on a child’s progress and final outcomes.

Many thanks for your support in this crucial year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

Yours sincerely

Deputy Headteacher           

Blank Revision Timetable

Period 6 and Lunchtime Revision Sessions

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