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Year 11 GCSE PE Revision Resources

We’ve got lots of resources that you can access on-line to help you with your revision.

GCSE PE Pod Casts

Forgotten a topic we covered ages ago? No problem; these Podcasts available on the iTunes App Store explain all the Edexcel topics in detail:

You should have a account, if not please see Mr Alban. Remember if you have an Apple/Android smartphone or tablet you can download the app to revise on the go.

GCSE Bitesize

To go to the GCSE Bitesize revision pages click on the link


Some of the resources we have work best if you download them and save them to your hard drive (Content Generator is one). You can do this from the PE department’s Dropbox account. Click on the link to download files

PE Shared drive

We have a number of resources on the school’s shared drive which is accessible via the internet. Here you will find past papers, PowerPoint slides from lessons, and further revision games including the excellent ‘Content Generator’. The route for accessing resources is as follows:

Shared drive > Subjects > PE > 2. GCSE > Revision

Edexcel Past Papers App

Although we’ve got past papers on the shared drive and drop box you may also want to check out Edexcel’s own past papers app. This is available from the istore, just type ‘edexcel past papers’ into search.

All the apps mentioned here are currently free.

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