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Year 11 Easter Revision Timetable 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Easter Revision Timetable

We are pleased to be able to offer a programme of revision workshops, mainly during the 2nd week of the Easter holidays, for a small number of subjects.

Each set of revision sessions will be focussed on addressing specific content and exam skills that need improvement as identified in the recent mock examinations.

In some subjects, the sessions are targeted at different tiers of entry or particular groups of pupils. Staff leading each workshop are currently recruiting pupils and if your child is interested in attending they should sign up as soon as possible with the designated teacher.  Group numbers will be kept relatively small and limited to between 15-20 pupils in order to be more effective.

Please note that in the interest of Safeguarding, when your child agrees to attend school in the holidays they will need to be on the school site at all times and comply with the normal school rules and regulations.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Cooper
Assistant Headteacher

Colonel Frank Seely Academy