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Tree Planting

Staff and pupils from Colonel Frank Seely Academy were joined by Dr Saoirse Tracy from the University of Nottingham and members of the British Society of Soil Science in a tree planting ceremony to commemorate the International Year of Soils 2015.

Soils are such an important part of our ecosystem but often neglected. Our soils are under threat from development, pollution and compaction but without healthy soils we would not be able to grow the crops we need to survive not to mention the huge number of species that live on or in our soils. It is hoped the Rowan tree planted will serve as a reminder of the importance of soils to our survival.

Many thanks to Ryan Scott for doing such an excellent job preparing the garden, Toby Tomkinson, Rio Joseph, Lucy Athorn, Molly Alexander and Lucia Yardley for their efforts in planting the tree and helping to mark the event.

Colonel Frank Seely Academy