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The Merchant of Venice

On Monday 24th March, 26 Year 10 students travelled down to London to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames and see their GCSE set text performed on stage. The class had been studying Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice for their GCSE English Literature controlled assessment and were delighted to discover that a special production of the play for schools was being performed at Shakespeare’s very own theatre. It was quite a long day of travelling but well worth it to see such a great production of the play on such a special stage.

‘It was a unique, modern adaptation of the original and I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Gabrielle Nandi

‘I really enjoyed this adaptation of the play for many different reasons. … it was set in the modern day and this really brought the play to life and helped me and others to understand it on a broader level.’ Maddie Dixon

‘The Globe is fantastic … the inside was all bare beams with simple wooden benches to sit on surrounding the stage. It felt brilliant… It definitely beat my expectations and I would most enjoy watching it again.’ Sam Douglas

‘This interpretation of The Merchant of Venice was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this to any Shakespeare fan as it was funny, intelligent and gripping.’ Meg Rutt

‘This has to be one of the best adaptations of a Shakespeare play I have ever seen, even though it was a condensed version.’ Oliver Doshi-Phillips

‘I would definitely recommend this play to any young person starting an interest in Shakespearean theatre as the play was still Shakespearean but it was also easier to understand. I would certainly go to The Globe again with this play in mind.’ Ben Shaw

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