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Year 12 Students Scuba Diving

Sixth Formers from Colonel Frank Seely took part in scuba diving lessons to help with their Chemistry lessons.

A group of Year 12 Chemistry students took part in two scuba diving sessions at Beechdale Baths where they learnt more about the effect of pressure on gases.

The sessions were organized by Chemistry Teacher Dr Dimitri Hautot and with the help of Mr Adam Wood at Divemaster Scuba.

Dr Hautot said “We are always looking for ways to inspire students and we have designed a suitable activity of combining a dive for our students with three short scientific experiments, which will take place under water.  The students have studied the topics in class but their involvement in these experiments will give them a true understanding of the effect of pressure on the gases.”

Headteacher Mrs Mays commented “This is a great way to see active learning in practice and will help our students be able to relate the theory to real life situations. We love thinking out of the box here at Colonel Frank Seely Academy and this is just one example of the many learning opportunities we ensure our students have access too.”

Year 12 student Steven Morley said “The experience I had diving was such fun and it made the learning experience more enjoyable.”

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