Sixth Form

Are you thinking about your future in years 12 and 13?  You have some important decisions ahead about what will be your next step.  Do you stay on and continue in education, start in employment or training or even take a gap year?

Click on a tab below to see your options or check out for information.

Continue Your Education

Continuing your education can mean further education or even higher education at University.  By clicking on the images below, you will be taken to useful websites to help you out:

UCASLogoUCAS helps you search through all university courses, their entry requirements and explains the application process.  It takes away the stress from what can be a very nervous time in your life deciding what you want to do as a career.

Passportfolio is next PassportfolioLogoand this aims to help you look up all courses, training and learning opportunities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  On the site you can create an online application form to apply for courses.

You will also need information about available student finance options.  This is an area which is constantly changing as so you must check on the latest news and developments to keep track of where you stand. Useful links are:

Find out about ‘Money for University and Higher Education’

Find out about ‘Money for Learning’

Find out about ‘Student Finance’

Find out about applying for Student Finance

There are also several good book available to help with higher education choice. These are:

  • Degree Course Offers by Brian Heap
  • UCAS Big Guide
  • The Virgin Alternative Guide to British Universities


You may decide that going into training or imployment is the right choice for you.  This could be by:

  • Entry to work
  • An apprenticeship
  • Self-employment
  • Part-time work whilst studying

Below are some relevant links that can help you with the above options:

Find out about ‘Job Hunting’

Find out about ‘Working for yourself’

Find out about ‘Apprenticeships’

Find out about ‘Working when still at school’

Before making any applications for a job, you will want to work on preparing an effective CV.  Click on the logo below to give you lots of good starting points and guidance.

PassportfolioLogoPassportfolio is a free website for all young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  It helps you to plan for your future, record achievements, skills, experiences, build a CV and action plan.  Check out the ‘My Options at 16+‘ section to explore what’s out there for you.  You will need to create an account on the site with a valid email address.

Gap Year

Do you fancy doing something you always wished?  During your gap year you could:

  • Work in Britain
  • Work abroad
  • Volunteer – either in this country or abroad

All of these options can provide you with work experience to help you make decisions about possible future careers and courses.  They will also help you build a fuller CV that all future employers will read.

There are many useful publications about what to do during your gap year.  Below are a few but if you have a hunt around on the Internet there will be more that are tailored to you:

  • The Gap Year Guidebook
  • Your Gap Year
  • International Voluntary Work

There are some very useful website also that can give you information about gap years and what and how to do it.  Again, search the Internet for something that might be more tailored to suit you.  Below are a couple of useful sites about gap years:

Find out about ‘Taking a gap year’

Find out about ‘Volunteering’

HELP - I don't know!

STOP!  Don’t worry – there is lots of help available to help you make a start in thinking about your next step.

  • Discuss your ideas with your tutor and subject teachers
  • Make an appointment with your Connexions personal adviser, Mr Nigel Szymczyk
  • Talk to your friends and family
  • Explore your interests and strengths via websites like ‘Kudos’.  Click on the logo below to go to the website.

KudosKudos helps you to find a career that suits you by asking you questions about your likes and dislikes, interests and strengths.  It has photographs of people at work and describes jobs.  You will need the school license code to create your login.  It is……. ablearts91.  You can then create your own user.


Another useful site for researching careers in general is Fetch.FetchLogo  Use Fetch to find the best website for careers and job information, further and higher education, work and training, health and relationships, law, housing and lots more….

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