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Setting up Alerts on ParentPay

How do I set up alerts?

In order to check or make changes to your alert settings:

  1. Navigate to Profile > Alert Settings
  2. You are presented with each of the available alert notification options that you can now configure:
  • Balance Alerts: In most instances, if a school uses ParentPay to collect payment for school meals, you are able to set a threshold amount.  Once your balance drops below this value, you will receive an alert to the channel(s) you have selected.

Maximum of one message every 2 days when account balance reaches the threshold.

  • New Item Alerts: You can select to receive an alert when your child is added to a new payment item (for example a school trip).  The alert will prompt you to log in and pay for the new item.

Maximum of once per day when a school creates a new payment item for one of your children

  • Payment Alerts – Cash and Cheque: You can select to receive an alert to inform you if the school have recorded manual cash and cheque payments against your child’s account.

Sent every time the school records a cheque or cash payment against your child’s account

  • Payment Alerts – PayPoint: You can select to receive an alert to inform you if a PayPoint payment has been recorded against your child’s account

Sent every time a PayPoint payment is recorded against your child’s account

  • Message Alerts: You can select to receive a text message alert in the instance where the school sends out an email communication to you through the ParentPay system.  This will prompt you to log into your email account to view the communication received.
  1. Select Save

NOTE: Balance alerts are not available in all schools.  If your school’s ParentPay setup does not support the sending of balance alerts you will not have the option to set up this alert setting.  You will be notified if this is the case when you navigate to the ‘Alert settings’ screen.

In order to receive text alerts, you will need to ensure that you have credit in your ‘Text message balance’.

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