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Pupil and Father’s joy at GCSE result.

Former Year 11 pupil Aria Shahrokhshahi’s video of his Dad’s emotional reaction to his son’s C grade in maths has become a viral video. Aria had always found Maths difficult and indicators in September suggested Aria was going to achieve much lower than a C grade. He worked hard and accessed the extra help from the school and achieved a ‘C’ grade by January.

Aria was in tears after his teacher told him of his improved grade and decided to surprise his father with the news while capturing his reaction on video.

In the YouTube clip titled “The day I passed maths,” which has more than 3 million views, Aria shows his Dad his report card. Aria’s father excitedly responds, “Is that real? Is that real? My God!” He then begins crying and hugging his son in a touching scene.

When asked by us at the school what it’s like going viral, Aria told us “It’s all so overwhelming, but amazing at the same time.”

He also made the news in America on America Today and if you would like to see the interview, click HERE.  BBC Radio Nottingham also had the pleasure of interviewing him this morning thanks to DJ Andy Whittaker.  If you would like to listen to the interview, click HERE to listen to an MP3 of it.

Aria is one of the many success stories from Colonel Frank Seely Academy and we wish him every success in his future cooking career.

You can visit Aria’s Youtube Channel on and his Twitter account is @ariamark for more details from the former pupil.

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