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Primary Computing Competition – July 2013

Recent changes to the ICT curriculum in schools means that from September 2014 “Computing” rather than ICT will be delivered in secondary schools.

During this current year, Mr Stendall Head of ICT, was successful in his application for Colonel Frank Seely to be designated as the lead school for the area as part of the new “Computing at School” initiative. As his first activity, in the second half of the summer term, he embarked upon a project with local feeder primary schools, to introduce and develop the basics of computer programming to Year 5 pupils.

Using the computer programming software Scratch, primary pupils were given an introduction to learning about computational thinking, and developing expertise in computer coding. The theme of “Internet Safety” was used and pupils, either working individually or in pairs were given the task of creating a game or animation. School winners were then judged in their own schools by Mr Stendall and the best three teams from each school were invited into Colonel Frank Seely for the “big final” on Friday July 12th.

Twelve teams comprising thirty pupils in total presented their work to a panel of four judges comprising Mr Kurylec (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Gale (Assistant Headteacher), Mr Stendall (Head of ICT) and Mr Stott (ICT Systems Manager). The standard of work produced by all students was truly outstanding and the judges were amazed by what had been produced by the pupils in such a short space of time. In the end it was very difficult for the judges to choose an overall winning team and so two winners were announced, Ruby and Halcyon from Lowdham and Mitchell from Lambley.

As Mr Kurylec commented, just before everyone went off for a nice lunch together, all the pupils attending the “final” were winners and Colonel Frank Seely would be really fortunate in a year’s time to receive such a talented group of pupils here at Colonel Frank Seely. Sincere thanks were given to all staff involved at our primary feeder schools and a special thank you to Mr Stendall for all the hard work and effort he put into the project.

Mr Stendall and Mr Kurylec

Colonel Frank Seely Academy