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We are delighted to welcome you to the CFS Website which we hope you will find interesting and informative.

Our aim is simple – Colonel Frank Seely Academy is a community commited to realising the full potential of all pupils and staff and aims to work in partnership with parents to bring about the fullest personal and moral development and highest achievements for everyone.

Life here is exciting, challenging and rewarding and whether you are a pupil, parent or staff member you will be valued and respected.

Governors, pupils, staff and parents are proud of this school and its achievements and we hope that your virtual visit will lead to a visit in reality.

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The Governors of Colonel Frank Seely

Governor Details

last updated: 27 February 2018

Name Governor Type Date of Appointment
Kathleen Holloway

Chair of Governors

Community 01.08.2015
Trish Adams

Chair of Governors

Community 05.06.2015
David Musson

Vice-Chair of Governors

Community 01.08.2015
David Sadler Community 01.08.2015
Joanna Thompson Community 01.08.2015
Vicki Thompson Parent 01.08.2015
Jonathan Gale Staff 01.01.2015
Catherine Matthews Parent 02.02.2016
Adrian Persaud Parent 20.11.2017
Julie Chaplain Staff 27.11.2017
Ellie Garment Staff 27.11.2017

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