Our School

Objective 1

Explore and understand the reasons why Pupil Premium children achieve less well than others so that we can close the gap

Objective 2

To ensure that young people who are eligible for pupil premium (in receipt of free school meals in the last 6 years or are a child in care) have adequate support so that they attend school regularly (at least 85%) and that the majority make Nationally expected progress that is at least commensurate with that made by their peers.

Objective 3

To raise expectations amongst staff and students in order that 80% of young people on roll make at least nationally expected progress a year in all core subjects.

Progress and outcomes to be measured through the on-going annual review cycle and the documentation maintained as part of the Governing Body responsibilities.

How we chose our equality objectives:

  • Evidence shows over the last few years that a pattern, in line with National averages, has emerged where Pupil Premium Children’s performance has been below that of the Non Pupil Premium. Predictions based on national data (Fisher Family Trust) suggest that this trend will continue at CFS with the gap remaining the same for the foreseeable future. The school therefore wishes to challenge these predictions and reduce the gap between the Pupil Premium Pupils and Non Pupil Premium Pupils by raising their achievement.
  • Over the last 12 months attendance of Pupil Premium Children is significantly below Non Pupil Premium Children and thus adversely affecting achievement. Persistent absence in this group is significantly high (in the highest 10%)
  • Progress 8 across core subjects needs further acceleration to ensure that pupils make good progress and ensures that all areas meet and exceed national averages.


Colonel Frank Seely Academy