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Letter to Year 11 parents – 8 Feb 2019

March mock exam timetable

Period 6 lessons

8 February 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

As your child embarks on their final few months of year 11, I am writing to let you know about some key dates for your diary and share some important messages.

Thank you for the support you showed at Parents’ Evening on 15 January 2019. The best possible way to secure the highest outcomes for your child is for us to work together. If you haven’t done so already, please read the packs we gave out which contained revision timetables, provisional examination dates and information on how to revise.

We are now in the final run up to exams with the last set of mock examinations in March. As such, students should now be fully engaged with a programme of revision and home-learning. We recommend 10 hours per week as a minimum, increasing to 25 hours per week during holidays.

Please find enclosed information about our period 6 lessons that are available to your child. It is vital that they attend as many sessions as possible based on their particular needs as discussed at Parents’ Evening. You will also find a copy of the March mock examinations timetable for your records.

Whilst we feel we are offering an excellent programme of intervention, this can only support the core learning which happens in lessons every day.  Please support us by ensuring that your child is present in school every single day. There is striking evidence to show that good attendance has an enormous impact on the final grades that they achieve. Please do not book any holiday time during the school term and ensure students are available to attend holiday revision sessions.

We bring the year group together frequently to ensure they are kept well informed about upcoming events, give them feedback and provide guidance on memory and recall techniques. By talking to your child on a daily basis about their learning you will reinforce the importance of being organised and well prepared.

As you will be aware, your child has a mentor in school.  During their next Assertive Mentoring meeting in the week beginning 11 February, they will focus on revision and preparing for mock examinations.

Having spoken to every student in year 11, students who prepared well in the last set of mocks overwhelmingly performed better. Here at Colonel Frank Seely Academy we want every child to succeed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

MRS R GRAVES, Deputy Headteacher
MR J GALE, Headteacher

Key dates for your diary

Date Daytime Event After School Event
04.03.2019 Year 11 mock exams begin until 15.03.2019
13.05.2019 GCSE exams begin until 25.06.2019
25.06.2019 McKenzie House Achievement Evening
26.06.2019 Dean House Achievement Evening
27.06.2019 Whitehead House Achievement Evening
12.07.2019 Year 11 Prom
22.08.2019 GCSE Exam results day
02.01.2019 First day of term: Year 12 students enroll for Sixth Form





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