Home learning can help develop pupils into outstanding learners.  Good home learning tasks should encourage independent research, the development of good organisational skills and the implementation of innovative and creative ideas.  Home learning at Colonel Frank Seely Academy intends to provide students with opportunities to develop these skills through exciting and imaginative tasks that enhance students’ understanding of the curriculum they study.

The downloadable booklet contains information about the homework tasks for Year 7.  Some subjects, Maths, English, Science and MFL, will set small, weekly tasks whilst others will set mini projects that are to be completed over several weeks.  Subject Teachers will provide pupils with support in completing the tasks, but they should aim to work as independently as possible on them.  For each project task pupils are expected to carry out their own research, (not just using the internet, but also using other resources such as the school or your local library, or asking their teacher for books that they can use to help). Pupils need to make sure that they work to the best of their ability.  Please see the timetable page for details of when each task is due in.  It is important to remember that, on occasion, circumstances may mean that the timetable may change, and work may be set at a different time or due in at a different time.  Due dates are given at the end of specific weeks but the project will need to be handed in on the first lesson of the following week.  Teachers will try to make sure that this does not happen unless absolutely necessary.

Year 7 Project Planner

Year 7 Homework Booklet

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