A Parent’s / Carer’s Guide to Successful Revision

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, you won’t get through the next two years without using phrases like.

  • “He always leaves everything to the last minute”
  • “She’s always got an excuse”
  • “Whenever I try to help it ends up with a door being slammed”

It is not uncommon for parents to feel at a loss when their children enter “the GCSE years.”  Education is ever-changing and may be very different from your school days.

Research tells us that “parental support is eight times more important in determining a child’s academic success than social class”. The Campaign For Learning found that parental involvement can mean the difference between an A* grade and being an ‘also ran’. Though, of course, it is “the school’s job” to get children through their exams, parental support is key.

“But I don’t know anything about GCSE Physics! I can’t help!”

It’s not about that; more to do with helping your child to come to terms with:

  • Taking more responsibilty for their learning
  • Asking when they do not understand
  • Overcoming frustrations; the need to persist
  • A higher degree of organisation
  • More independent working (especially homework)
  • Organising and planning time; especially for coursework
  • Techniques for revision and exams

Here, we’ll concentrate on getting things right the first time around.  We’ll have another session on revision later.

What can go wrong?

  • Lack of interest in the subject
  • Not liking the teacher
  • Finding the work too difficult
  • A feeling of being “no good” at the subject
  • Behaviour in lessons
  • Getting behind
  • Missing lessons

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You can find an excellent article by the website Mumsnet which may give you some handy hints and tips, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.  There is also a few good hints and tips from the Guardian and BBC websites.

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