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Gifted and Talented Physicists

A group of Year 10 pupils experienced a thrilling day in the department of Physics and Astronomy on Thursday 3rd July with Mr Powell and Mr Coghill to support their work and activities. The students took part in a wide variety of activities including a tour of the faculty, liquid nitrogen Physics and two complex labs on the colorimetric properties of blood and inverse square law for light. All students did very well and presented some superb results with accompanying graphs. The final part of the day was a mini lecture on MRI techniques which is an area pioneered by Nottingham University. To complete the day we were wowed with a display from a brand new tesla coil which had electrical sparks jumping over 3 feet across the room.

It was a super day and some students commented that this was the best trip they had ever been on. It certainly started their minds racing on where they might apply and what potential courses they might want to study. Well done to all involved!

Colonel Frank Seely Academy