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Changes to School Uniform Expectations from September 2018

March 2018

To Parents of Students in Years 7 – 10

Dear Parents/Carers

Changes to School Uniform Expectations from September 2018

We would like to give parents advance warning of some changes to our uniform policy for the next academic year.

Essentially, we will be changing the expectations around trousers/ skirts so that students will need to wear a specific style of garment purchased directly from our approved uniform suppliers. For the sake of consistency and to avoid confusion, all of these new items will be branded with the Colonel Frank Seely Academy badge. It should be pointed out that all other aspects of the school uniform expectations will remain the same.

We have decided to introduce these changes for a number of reasons but it is mainly about consistency. Retailers are not always helpful to parents in this regard by promoting a wide array of styles and fabrics as “schoolwear” when in our opinion they are not necessarily appropriate for school for any number of reasons.

As well as providing consistency in terms of the students’ appearance, the other advantage to this change of policy is that the items being provided by our suppliers are extremely high quality and longer-lasting than some of those products being sold on the high-street. They have already been adopted in most of the other Redhill Trust schools and feedback from parents has been extremely positive on the issues of durability and value for money.

The changes will not officially come into force until the first day of term in September but obviously we are conscious that if you are purchasing items of uniform before that date, it would probably make sense to buy the new style trousers/ skirt to avoid additional outlay over the summer. With that in mind, our uniform supplier “Just Schoolwear”, will be stocking the new-style trousers/ skirts from Friday 23 March 2018 onwards. The new items will be available to purchase either in-store or via their website ( Information will also be available at all of the remaining Parents’ Evenings this year. Further information and images of the new items are also available on the academy’s website. We should also point out that students who do purchase the new-style products are welcome to start wearing them as soon as they like despite the fact that they do not become officially part of the uniform expectations until the start of the next academic year.

Thank you in advance for your support with this change. We believe uniform is very important in terms of the message it sends about the respect students have for their school and for everyone’s sake, we want the expectations in this area to be as clear as possible to achieve consistency and avoid the potential for confrontation.

Yours sincerely,


Colonel Frank Seely Academy