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CFS staff becomes World Champion

On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September, Sarah Thellman, Receptionist at Colonel Frank Seely Academy in Calverton became World Champion as she represented Great Britain at the WUMA (World United Martial Arts) World Championships in Geneva, Switzerland in Taekwondo.

Sarah, who currently is a red belt black stripe and aims to achieve her black belt in the next few months, is already the European Champion in the sport. In Geneva Sarah won Gold in the individual Korean category, Silver in Team Kata and Silver in the Grand Championship.

Acting Headteacher Mr Kurylec said “We are delighted to offer both our support and congratulations to Sarah on her latest Taekwondo mission. We are always very proud of our students when they achieve and perform at the very highest level and probably even more so when one of our staff does likewise simply because it is a much rarer occurrence. Well done Sarah!”

Colonel Frank Seely Academy