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Dear Parent/Carers

At Colonel Frank Seely Academy we recognise that attendance and punctuality have a positive impact on your son/daughter’s learning and progress. Excellent attendance and punctuality are the key to our pupils’ success. We must all ensure that attendance and punctuality are the highest they can possibly be in order to prepare pupils for adult life. It is the responsibility of everyone in the school community – governors, staff, parents and pupils to ensure they achieve this. Therefore, we monitor and review the attendance and punctuality of all our pupils constantly.

All pupils are expected to be on the school site by 8.45am and at their classroom by 8.50am when the second bell sounds.

Pupils who arrive after 8.50am will have their name recorded and should quickly proceed to their first lesson. If they arrive after 9.00am they must report to Reception, where they will sign into the ‘Late Book’. It is essential for pupils to sign in if they are late as this is a health and safety requirement.

The following procedures will be followed from Monday 27 February 2017 for pupils who arrive on the school site after 8:50am:-

Pupils will be required to complete a 30 minute detention after school the same day they are late. Parents will be notified by text message so please ensure your details are up to date. Failure to attend the late detention will result in pupils completing a 1 hour detention on a Friday night with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Any further failure to comply could result in a day in isolation or exclusion.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely


Deputy Headteacher

Colonel Frank Seely Academy