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A message to our community

Dear Parents/Carers

We regret to inform you of the death of Mrs McKenzie, a teacher of Mathematics and Head of Year here at Colonel Frank Seely Academy. This is a tremendous loss to our school community. Mrs McKenzie was a beloved and respected teacher, friend and colleague who will be greatly missed.

This loss is sure to raise many emotions, concerns and questions for our entire school and especially our pupils. We have professionals trained to help with the need of pupils, parents and school personnel at difficult times such as this. Help will be available for any pupil who may need or want help or any type of assistance surrounding this loss.

We urge you to talk to your child about Mrs McKenzie’s death. We encourage you to take this opportunity to share your beliefs and discuss ways of coping with the feelings your child may have.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any concerns about your child’s response to this tragic event.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, husband and two children.

Yours sincerely


Colonel Frank Seely Academy