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Achievement – Year 8 and 9 boys

13 February 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 8 and 9 boys

At Colonel Frank Seely Academy, we have been working hard to further improve boys’ achievement.

We thought you would be interested to hear about the work and messages that the boys have been involved in throughout this half term. We have continued to work on recognising boys’ achievement both in and out of the classroom. This has something we have definitely made more high profile. This was an area the Year 8 and Year 9 boys highlighted during our student voice sessions.

The key messages that the boys have been exposed to are the embracing and acceptance of getting things wrong and not shying away from failure. We have found that some boys will notoriously avoid failure at all costs. This means that they may not attempt a complex task due to fear of failure. Boys are now beginning to view failure as F.A.I.L , First Attempt In Learning.

In order for the learning process to be highly effective, the boys have been informed about entering the ‘learning pit.’ This is where there can appear to be no clarity, only confusion. By working hard, using the teacher, their classmates and other learning resources they can start to climb out of the learning pit to where there is clarity. This allows them to make sense of the information and will ultimately improve and deepen learning.

The boys’ approach to this has been very positive. This work on ‘mindset’ will continue after half term when we will be focussing on language and the power of ‘yet.’ This change in language and approach has proved to be very powerful with regards achievement.

If you have any questions around our work with boys’ achievement, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

I hope you all have an enjoyable half term and that your son comes back to school fully refreshed ready to take on the next challenge!

Yours sincerely

Mr C Ridley
Senior Deputy Headteacher

Colonel Frank Seely Academy